An effective preparedness platform customizable to your city.

City72 is an open-source emergency preparedness platform that promotes community resilience and connection. This Toolkit is designed specifically for emergency preparedness organizations and provides the information and resources to create a customized City72 site for any city or region.

It includes: how to create localized content, access to the code to build and install your City72 website, and tips for how to manage and promote your site.

The City72 Toolkit is brought to you by SF72 and the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SF DEM).

What is City72: Take the tour


Take a look at each section, as shown on SF72, the first customized City72 site.

Preparedness tools: Useful now, and in an emergency

Your City72 site serves as an emergency hub before, during, and after an emergency. The City72 Updates Map can show local events, from traffic to minor incidents, on a day-to-day basis. In an emergency, switch the Updates Map to be the homepage. In addition to showing the location of the crisis, you can pre-populate the map with emergency resources, and share official and crowdsourced emergency updates.

Ways to get connected

Social connections are essential to prepare for and cope with an emergency. The Get Connected section suggests how digital networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be useful today and in an emergency. It also highlights in-person, neighborhood networks as a way to be better prepared—together—for emergencies.


Essential supplies, visualized

Long lists of supplies are overwhelming—and can be expensive. The City72 Gather Supplies section offers easy-to-remember visuals of the top supplies to have on hand for emergencies—organized into prioritized bundles: Essentials, Useful, and Personal, so people can build their supplies, little by little.


Real stories

Personal stories can be one of the most memorable ways to learn. In the View Stories section, get to know others who have coped with crisis—and have lessons and wisdom to share—about how they’re now better prepared for next time.


How to make a plan

A basic plan isn’t difficult to create with family and friends. In Make a Plan, find a simple downloadable pdf to guide this process, as well as a Quick Guide to the type of emergency your area might be susceptible to.