Customize the Twitter content on your City72 site. 

Create a Twitter Widget for the Official Updates section

  1. Log in to your organization's Twitter account.
  2. Go to the Twitter Widgets section of your account.
  3. Create a widget by clicking on the Create New button.
  4. Under the User Timeline tab, input your organization's username (it should be pre-filled). Choose your widget's options. The only two options that will matter on your site are: Exclude Replies and Auto-expand Photos. Click the Create Widget button.
  5. A block of code will appear below the preview of your widget. Copy this code and paste it into a text file.
  6. In your text file, delete everything except the ID number (e.g. 486297564870750208). Label this ID "Official Updates" so that you will know where to paste the ID when you customize your site. Save your text file.

Create Twitter Lists for the Partner and Transportation Updates sections

  1. Go to the profile of a Twitter user you want to include. (e.g. @usgs)
  2. Add the user to a list. To do this, click on the the gear icon by the Follow button. From the gear menu, select Add or remove from lists
  3. Create the list you would like to add the user to (e.g Partner Updates) by clicking the Create List button. Make sure the list is set to Public.
  4. Once you create this list, you will be returned to the list checklist. Check the checkbox next to the list you just created.
  5. There is no "save" button on the dialog, but if you checked the list then the user will be on it. Click outside the dialog to dismiss it.
  6. Continue to add Twitter users to your list. At some point, you will want to create your second list (e.g. Transportation Updates) and add Twitter users to it as well.
  7. Add as many Twitter users to each List as will be relevant and useful.
    Note: You can add or delete users from these lists later; changes you make on Twitter will be reflected on your City72 site.


Create Twitter Widgets for both Twitter Lists.

You will need to repeat the following steps for each List: Partner Updates and Transportation Updates

  1. Go to the Twitter Widgets section of your account settings
  2. Create a new widget by clicking the Create New button.
  3. Select the List tab.
  4. Choose the List you would like a widget for from the drop-down menu under Configuration.
  5. Click the Create Widget button
  6. Copy the code that appears under the Widget preview.
  7. Paste the code into your text file and delete everything except the ID number. Then label the ID number so you'll know where to paste it when you embed the list in your site.

Embed Twitter content in your site.

  1. Go to the Map & Updates form of the Content Editor
  2. Enter the Twitter ID numbers that you have saved into a text file to the Twitter ID fields: Official Updates, Partner Updates and Transportation Updates.
  3. Save Changes and then reload the Map & Updates page of your site to see your custom Twitter feeds.



If your organization tweets from more than one account, create a list of your Twitter accounts from a separate Twitter account to aggregate the tweets. Then create a Widget for that list and paste its ID into the Official Updates field.