How to gather the content to customize your City72 site.



To create your own City72 site, you'll replace parts of the text and imagery on the site to describe your own local culture—and preparedness connections specific to your city. The Content Editor walks you through this process, but you might find it helpful to download the Guidelines PDF, which is designed to prompt collaborative discussion about your City72 content. You and your team can work through the Guidelines PDF as a draft, and type finalized content to your website using the Content Editor.

Customize your site


Communities with stronger networks are more resilient. City72 is a hub to help residents can get more connected to their networks and neighborhoods, and identify the resources available to them—before an emergency. Set up links to both community networks and relevant emergency resources in your city.

To do: Select both digital networks and on-the-ground resources you want to feature on your City72 site.


Personal stories humanize the experience of coping with disaster by using humor and honesty to share the authentic experiences of citizens of your city.

To do: Read through the Guidelines for tips on how to select story subjects and share compelling, meaningful stories—in a format that works with your budget.



Quick Guides on City72 present the basics of what to do before, during, and after an emergency—in an easy to remember format. Choose from four types of Quick Guides in the Content Editor: Tornado, Flood, Hurricane, Quake. Or, create your own custom Quick Guide.

To do: Select a pre-written Quick Guide, or write your own.


City72 is designed to reflect the quirks and characteristics of your city. The guidelines help you express the personality, tone, and character of your city, and lead to an exercise to create an Identity Statement, or rallying cry, for your city and residents. The Identity Statement articulates a community-based call to action around getting prepared.

To do: Create an identity statement—and call to action—for your city. 


Images are key to express the identity of your city. City72 images are meant to evoke the feeling of living and connecting with your city as a local; they are not a series of tourist snapshots. Capture the feeling on the street, in the living rooms, and in the lives of the people who are part of your city every day—then upload them into the Content Editor.

To do: Shoot images that feel relevant to residents, no tourists.